Scrape Amazon products without any coding

Abhishek Chaudhary
4 min readFeb 3, 2022


Whatever your reason for visiting, be it to purchase a product, check on package deliveries, or to read the latest reviews, you’ll be glad to know that not only has become a household name, it’s also one of the most visited websites in history and it’s on track to be the most visited website by 2020.

Curious to find the rating of a Amazon product? Ever wonder how much a humidifier costs? If you’re looking for product listings or prices or any other product details, you’ve probably heard of a scraper. That’s because these scrapers are the best way of finding product listings and prices that traditional search tools just can’t offer.

Often these scrapers available uses programming language to scrape data. but recently I came across DataKund where you can automate scraping from any website with no coding.

Here are simple steps to scrape product details from

Step 1: Install DataKund

  • Open DataKund website (
  • Go to downloads and click “download”.
  • After the installation, the automated browser will open with the DK extension in the taskbar.

Step 2: Create a new bot

  • Click the DK extension and type the name of the bot (eg: amazon@scraper).
  • Click “Make New Bot/New API” to create a new bot.

Step 3: Start training the bot

  • Click “record” to start training the bot.

Step 4: Add Amazon URL to the event

  • After clicking record, open the Amazon page in the browser.
  • Now bot will add the URL to the events.

Step 5: Add the output variables

  • Click DK extension, and at the top right corner click the “edit input and output” button.
  • Type the output variables and click save.
  • After that resume the training and click the last event.

Step 6: Enter the keyword

  • Enter the keyword and press enter

Step 7: Add repeat event

  • We will scrape a single product to train the bot in the next step.
  • To begin repeating that step we need to add repeat action.
  • Press alt+p to add the repeat action.

Step 8: Scrape product title

  • Right-click on the product title, click Datakund->scrape->text->title, to scape product title.

Step 9: Scrape rating and price

  • Scrape rating and price in the same way as shown in the above step.

Step 10: Run bot

  • Click “run” in the main menu.
  • Write the input keyword and click the drop menu beside the run button click run with google sheets and click “Run google sheets”.

Step 11: Result

  • After clicking run bot will automatically search the keyword given and scrapes the title, rating, and price of all the products in the search results.
  • After the bot is done scraping, click open sheets.
  • Google sheets will open, in that open the output sheet, which you can see at the bottom of the page.