How to make Insta Hashtag Popularity Scraper bot using DataKund?

Abhishek Chaudhary
4 min readJun 9, 2020

In this post, we’ll see how to make a simple instagram hashtag popularity scraper. We can simply train the bot from DataKund and then simply run it. We can find it on DataKund Bot Store(if not downloaded, can download from here named as ‘Instabot2’.


First part of DataKund to make bots is to train the bot. Training simply refers to guiding the bot to work. Here are the steps need to follow:-

  1. Before making bot need to login to extension via clicking on extension popup.We need to be logged in to instagram before starting training.

2. Click on extension and write the botname (e.g. instabot2) in input box and click on create (+ )button.

3. Click on train button.

4. Open url ‘’ and then we can see the charts by clicking on extension icon as shown below. As we opened a url so “url” event is shown in charts.

5. Now we will iterate over links which we will open to scrap related hashtags. First select the begin cell from where iteration starts by right clicking on cell >DataKund>StartSheetRepeat>Begin Cell as shown below.

6. Now choose end cell by right clicking on cell>DataKund>Start Sheet Repeat>End Cell where to stop iteration as shown below. This will iterate from cell A1 to A4.

7.Click on cell A1, and it will open the link in new tab and will switch over it. It can been seen that Sheetrepeat ,click and switch have been added as we trained it like this.

8.Copy the count of posts by selecting the area and then right click>DataKund>Copy>CopyText as shown below.

9.Switch to ethercalc tab and press right arrow key and then paste it. Can see new events added in charts as we switched >keypressd(rightarrow)>paste.

10. Switch to instagram tab and close it. Here new events switch, closetab and switch added as we followed this.

11.Now can stop training by clicking on stop button .

12. Wait till the loading get finished. Here the Training part ends.


1. Before runing close the extra tabs or make it to previous state as it in starting of training.

2. To run the bot click on Run button and then click on play icon.

3. Here are the things which bot will do after clicking on run:-

i) It will open url ‘’ containing links .

ii) Then it will click on first link(cellA1) which will open that link in new tab.

iii) After this it will copy the number of posts and switch to ethercalc tab and press right arrow key and then will paste it.

iv) Then it will switch to instagram tab and close it.

v) As it was under sheetrepeat so it will do same steps(ii to iv) for all other cells(cellA1 to cellA4).

4. We can stop it anytime by clicking on stop button.