How to increase your LinkedIn network?

Abhishek Chaudhary
4 min readFeb 3, 2022


Social networks like LinkedIn have become the largest professional network and it became the best company for anyone looking for a new job or starting a new business. It’s a safe bet that in the quest for that goal in career and business, LinkedIn will continue to reevaluate its features and business models and connects to a larger amalgamation of people and companies

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms, despite its age, where professionals can share ideas and job updates with their friends and colleagues. One of the main tools developers use to increase their network is linking up with other LinkedIn profiles. Linking with a specific user appears to increase the business person’s visibility in their respective network.

As normal human beings with a full-time job or a startup, we might not have time to chase down LinkedIn connections or invest time in more productive things. Fortunately, we could do any of these tedious tasks using DataKund, without writing any piece of code.

Here are 10 steps of how you can automate your LinkedIn connections and expand the LinkedIn network, using DataKund. The goal is to get as many new connections as possible.

Step 1: Install DataKund

  • Open DataKund website (
  • Go to downloads and click “download”.
  • After the installation, the automated browser will open with the DK extension in the taskbar.

Step 2: Create a new bot

  • Click the DK extension and type the name of the bot (eg: linkedin@connect).
  • Click “Make New Bot/New API” to create a new bot.

Step 3: Start training the bot

  • Click “record” to start training the bot.

Step 4: Add LinkedIn URL to the event

  • After clicking record, open the LinkedIn page in the browser.
  • Now bot will add the URL to the events.

Step 5: Train bot to login LinkedIn

  • Simply, enter your email and password and sign in.

Step 6: Search for the company and apply filter

  • Search any company name and press enter.
  • Now apply the filter as people, as shown below.

Step 7: Make a new bot for clicking connect action.

  • Make a new bot, and start training the bot.
  • Press alt+p to begin repeat action and click “connect” on the profile to save the actions.
  • Now go back to the first bot and click on the last event, as shown below.

Step 8: Call the bot

  • To call the bot right-click anywhere on the screen then click Datakund->more->bots-> {bot name}

Step 9: Stop the training

  • Now stop the training by going to the main menu.

Step 10: Run bot

  • Click “run” in the main menu.
  • Write the inputs and click “run” again.

Step 11: Results

  • Click “run” in the main menu.

You can also try this by python library :