How to get cookies of any website from browser?

Abhishek Chaudhary
2 min readMar 17, 2021

In this story, we are going to see how we can fetch cookies of any website from browser by using extension. Here we will fetch cookies of amazon website. We can fetch cookies of any website using same steps. Below are steps to get cookies:-

  1. First you must be logged in to amazon or whichever website you want to have cookies of.
  2. Add Edit this Cookie Chrome Extension extension to chrome.

>Open above link and click on “Add to Chrome”.

>Then click on “Add Extension”

3. Now open .

4. Now if extension is not showing in list, pin it as shown below

5. Now export cookies (cookies will be copied to clipboard), by clicking on extension and click on export button

6. Now you can use these cookies in code.

7. Paste these cookies wherever you want, we are using these in python code as below